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Rotary Total Literacy Project

Date: May 09, 2016

Location: 100 school in 20 district involving 30 Rotary Clubs in Nepal Budget required: US$225,000.00 (US$25000 raised by local clubs) Project rationale: "Rotary's Grand success of “End Polio”, a program of Rotary International, the efforts of which resulted in eradication of polio from nearly 99% of the world, we want to start a war against illiteracy in South Asia to provide “Freedom from Illiteracy” by 2017. The task is enormous. It is important that we make a start, that too a meaningful one. We wish to achieve this with “ Rotary's “TEACH” Mission".Nepal's developmental challenges are high illitaracy rate Nepal's total population above five year is 23,926,541 nearly twenty four million and total literate population are 15,767,591 which is 65.9% this means 34.1% population are illiterate who could not read, write and understand sign languages. Because of this educational disparity the development efforts are limiting. Rotary Club Dhulikhel and Rotary International District 3292 initiating total literacy project based in TEACH model to enhance the quality of education in public school of Nepal. Rotarian of South Asia region are committed to help school support program adopting one club one school based on TEACH model. What is TEACH model: TEACH where T stands for Training Teachers, E stands for E-learning, A for Adult learning, C for Childhood Improvement and H for Happy School. These five components comes under the TEACH project. The objective of this project is to improve the educational standard in the government schools where the quality of educational standard is lowering every year. Despite government spending huge amount of money in educational sectors, the outcome have not been the same as targeted. Our target of the project is to deliver it to 20 districts and 100 public school by involving more than 30 Rotary Club around Nepal where the educational standard is really poor.


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